One Public School System

The church vs state debate has occurred in Canada for a long time among concerned Humanists. In Ontario, we have both a Catholic school system and a public school system.

“Prior to Confederation, schools were primarily run by churches and religious organizations. Before Canada became a country in 1867, a separate school system had already been established in pre-Confederation Ontario, known at that time as Canada West. As part of the negotiations to create Canada, maintaining a separate Catholic school system was part of the deal. Therefore, when Ontario joined Canada in 1867, the established Catholic school system was maintained and recognized under the new Constitution. In Quebec, similar protections for religious schools were in place upon joining Canada.

However, the other two of the original four provinces from Confederation took a different route. Nova Scotia reformed its education system in 1864 by withdrawing its support for religious schools and went to a single, secular system. In 1871, New Brunswick created a publicly-funded secular school system after joining Confederation and did not fund religious schools.”

Ontarians are using their tax dollars to fund religious education and we would like to change that. As Humanists, we believe in the value of science-based education.